When we are asleep, while in our dream state, our minds are left to run wild. Sometimes while we sleep, our subconscious will take over, and will tell you something that only your dream state can understand, which in affect tells your waking self.

This prototype project tells a small story of a young unnamed boy and their subconscious telling them something about them self that has been repressed.

Commands (Text Adventure):

go (x) - Goes direction (north, south, east, west, up, down) NOTE: can use single letters to go a direction. example: n = go north, u = go up

take (x) - take object 

use (x) - use object in inventory

inventory - opens inventory

examine (x) - example object

Dev Notes: I had fun with this project. I built this over the course of a few days as a prototype for TransGalJam 2. Not sure if I'll expand upon it or add more story or anything, but I had fun with it this idea! :)

Install instructions

Either run from the browser page above, or download and run the binaries for your respective platform.


WakeDream win.zip 22 MB
WakeDream Mac.zip 26 MB
WakeDream Linux.zip 27 MB

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