NOTE: This requres the legacy Unity Webplayer plugin (IE, Opera, Firefox, No Chrome, Sorry!) . I wish I could fix this, but I lost the source to this project in a hard drive failure.

If you can play it, please do. If not, that's ok. I "Remade" it for Project tri-pong linked below.

History: This is my first ever game jam title. I made it for the MiniLD jam, the 58’th one. I made it over the course of a weekend while moving into a new home at the same time (bad idea). It’s not perfect, But I had fun making it and I learned alot as my first ever project. I seemed to have lost the source code so I can’t offer any downloads, or any fixes. I used this project as a base for the remake “Project Tri-Pong”

Old Description: 

Hi! This is a pong game where you have to play Pong with 3 individually controlled paddles with a breakout styled system to try and get the ball to the other side.

Supports Keyboard and 360/Xbox One controllers on Web (if you have the drivers)


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