A downloadable Daydreaming Wizard for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You're a wizard. You were daydreaming one day and suddenly your daydreams went haywire and became reality! They're after your spellbook, when they destroy it they're going to stay in this real world and terrorize everyone! You must defend your book and yourself using your magic, and ability to summon towers to defeat the intruders. 

Using your magical prowess, of Fire, Lightning and Ice, you can not only defend yourself with your powerful magic, but you can summon towers to  defend yourself and your Book.

My submission for #7DFPS - https://itch.io/jam/7dfps-2018

Controls: Keyboard and mouse / Dualshock 4 / Xbox  360 / Xbox One

NOTES: Even then you can change the controls through the Unity input manager it won't do anything. I implemented my own input manager.

WASD / Left Stick - Movement Up Down Left Right

Space  / Cross / A- Jump

1 / Square / X - Select Fire Magic

2 /Triangle / Y - Select Lightning Magic

3 /  Circle / B - Select Ice Magic

Mouse / Right Stick- Aim

Left Click / Right Trigger - Fire

Right Click / Left Stick  - Tower Summoning (Left Click to summon at location)


Twitter - https://twitter.com/Sindiewen

Install instructions

Desktop: Download the respective binary for your OS, WIndows, MacOS, Linux (You might need to right click the executable > Properties > Permissions > and check "Allow executing file as program")


Daydreaming Wizard_win.zip 37 MB
Daydreaming Wizard_mac.zip 41 MB
Daydreaming Wizard_linux.zip 42 MB

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